After more than a decade of being a political wife, Linda Gale White, wife of former Texas Governor Mark White, decided to embark on a career of her own. The result is LGW Antiques located in Houston, Texas. With over 15 years in the antique business, her collection varies from classic elegance to country charm. In fact, wherever Linda Gale travels, the search is on!

“For me, looking for antiques is like an amazing Easter Egg Hunt!  I might find a French chandelier I can’t live without in Provence, a beautifully carved chest in London, or a country cupboard in Dripping Springs, Texas.  The thrill is that you never know what is around the corner.  I am always searching for just the right piece with great scale, superior carving and precise detailing that will fit into any d├ęcor.  My first thought is, ‘How will this work in my house?’ With that answer, and if the price is right, I am confident in my purchase; and when it sells, I consider it a huge compliment.” – Linda Gale White